? GDC Control Documents and Employee Training Management
Origin: Control Documents and Employee Training Management
Specialized, user friendly eDMS and Training Management System

Generica Documentation Center (GDC) has been designed from the ground up to address the unique requirements of Controlled Documents in a GxP environment.

Based on industry best practices, GDC offers a complete solution for the Life Science industry.

  • Out-of-the-box best practices
  • Complete document life cycle
  • Electronic signatures for review and approval
  • Convert MS Word to Adobe Acrobat for publishing
  • Control of linked documents updated concurrently
  • Automatic document coding
  • Control distribution and security level of the document
  • Customizable document properties
  • Support periodic reviews
  • Extensive document search capabilities

Publishing Controlled Documents

Documents are securly published in the GDC portal, enabling easy and intuitive access to documents.
Quickly search and find documents and forms in the Portal. Controlled documents are published in Adobe PDF format and are stampped with a watermark to eliminate the use of un-controlled copies.

Printing of Batch Records

Controlled printing of Batch Records and simillar forms is done using the GDC PBR module.
The use of PBR frees QA from this administrative task, reduced non compliance and provides independence to the users. The module can also be used independantly of Origin, managing the master documents internally.

Employee Training & Certification

Manageing GxP training requirements and keeping track of training records is easily achieved with Generica:

  • Link training requirements to GDC controlled documents
  • Training plans according to job description
  • Training Supervisors manage employee training plans
  • Automatic training tasks as new documents are issued
  • Management of periodic training
  • Employees can perform and sign self training
  • Supports electronic signatures
  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Training requirements are published in the Generica Portal

Origin Document Life Cycle

Origin Document Life Cycle

Origin Documentation Center Dashbord

Origin Training Module data model